Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Vestal Corp COVID 19 update Vestal Corp COVID 19 update

All of us at VESTAL are reaching out to say, “Thank You!” for your confidence in our engineering, architecture and construction consulting services.

As you know, our colleagues here at VESTAL are our sole asset and we are a work-family.  Each of us at VESTAL agree that we have a moral obligation to take care of our personal health and do what we can to prevent illness in others.  We want you to know that we are all committed to maintaining our home-health, work-health and financial wellbeing during this uncertain time.  So far as we know, none in the VESTAL work-family have come in direct contact with nor are infected with COVID-19.

Design Schedules

Delivering our work to our Clients on time is very important to us and so far we haven’t missed any deadlines because of COVID-19.  Our region in Eastern Missouri has fortunately, so far, been less affected by COVID-19 than some other areas of the country. We hope we will not have any problems meeting our schedule obligations.  We will be updating our Clients periodically about any potential schedule impacts that arise.

Mitigation Measures

We have implemented several mitigation measures to maintain our production levels, while maintaining a healthy work environment.

Work from home policy

We have implemented a work from home policy for our Colleagues where:

      • There is a medical background such that COVID-19 could put their health at risk.
      • They live with elderly/children/people with chronic diseases/etc.
      • They care for a child whose school or daycare has closed due to COVID-19.
      • Illinois residents who are under a new “shelter in place” order by Governor Pritzker (Missouri will probably have the same shelter in place shortly).


      • Our 2019 transition to MS Office365 enables us to remain well connected via MS TEAMS.
      • We increased our external bandwidth by 250% to accommodate additional remote work.
      • 100% of our BIM production specialist have Company-provided desktop and notebook computer, both of which is a requirement for each person for high remote productivity.
      • All other staff also have Company-provided notebook computers to perform their work remotely.

Travel Policy

      • We are strongly encouraging employees not to travel, unless the trip is necessary to serve a client’s needs and that follow the travel recommendations of the CDC.
      • We are asking employees to get creative with solutions to any challenges that may arise from restricted travel.
      • Temporary self-quarantine any employee returning to the USA.
      • Our Employees who are seconded at client offices and construction sites are required to follow the client’s guidelines for the current situation.

Workspace sanitation

      • Hand sanitizing gel, sanitizing wipes are available in main gathering areas.
      • Janitorial service frequency has been increased.
      • Contracted 3rd party sanitizing service for hard surfaces such as countertops, drawer/cabinet pulls, doorknobs, copiers, plotters and conference room furniture.

Social Distancing

Social distancing protocols in our office:

      • It is mandatory to leverage Microsoft Teams (and Zoom and WebEx), even internally instead of meeting face-to-face of just 2 people
      • Vestal is restricting large meetings of over 10 employees.  When internal face-to-face meetings are essential, keep them as small as possible and only use the War Room in Building 1 and the Training Room in Building 5; the idea being to allow more distance between meeting participants.
      • VESTAL has acquired space for an additional 20 employees in Buildings 5 and 3 here in the Pines Office Center.  The intent was to build out a training and conference center for up to 60 persons.  We have postponed the remodel of this space so that it can be used as quickly as possible to allow additional social distancing for within the office.
      • Our spring OSHA and MSA 25-person training classes have been postponed indefinitely.

Visitors policy

      • Effective March 18, 2020, non-essential visitors and vendors are prohibited at the VESTAL office until April 15, 2020.
      • We are canceling any scheduled events that would take place in our offices.
      • Don’t make plans to host other events until further notice.
      • It is required that you reach out to Didine Koutchoukali, Mark Hubbs, Dale Carlton, or Richard Vestal, if you have a business essential visitor you would like to enter our offices.

We will continue to monitor and implement CDC and local authorities’ recommendations.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions, comments, suggestions or concerns.

Richard P. Vestal, PE
President, Vestal Corporation