When faced with diminished productivity and unscheduled shutdowns related to pressure drops in its Preheater Downcomer, Cemex turned to Vestal Corporation’s Industrial Process Team to evaluate the current Preheater Downcomer design, identify the source of the problems and provide a redesign solution to restore productivity and reliability of the process.

During its initial investigation Vestal’s Team determined that Cemex’s current Preheater Downcomer design diminished gas flow and gas particle scrubbing capabilities which were major contributors to the reduction in production rates and process reliability.  Through further investigation, Vestal’s Team of Industrial Process Engineers identified the Cyclone Outlet Scrolls as the root cause of the diminished flow rates and gas particulate separation.

Vestal’s new Preheater Downcomer design solution included conceptual engineering, basic engineering, and detailed engineering for structural and mechanical design of the new Preheater Downcomer.  The new design eliminated the Cyclone Outlet Scrolls resulting in a significant reduction in pressure drop due to the improved design of the top stage preheater cyclone outlet ducting arrangement.  The improved design included the duct from the cyclone flanges of the stage 1 gas outlets to the flange at the duct support just upstream of the gas conditioning tower.  Vestal’s redesign of the Preheater downcomer restored the level of process productivity and reliability required by Cemex to operate efficiently.

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