Vestal Corporation Staying Ahead of the Curve with Analytics by Derek O'Brien

Data and Design Analytics Impact on Productivity

by Derek O’Brien, Director | Business Analytics

Anyone who has managed projects understands that project schedule management is mission critical. Schedule development typically starts with enthusiasm and optimism that what is scheduled today, READ MORE


Jim Chervek, Sr. IT Manager, Vestal Corporation - Engineers | Architects | Construction Consultants

Vestal Corporation is pleased to welcome Jim Chervek as Senior IT Manager.  “I have known Jim since Richard hired us to a prior company 25 years ago. I am happy Jim has decided to join VESTAL.  His background in all things IT-related to the A/E/C field, READ MORE

3D Imaging

3D Imaging Vestal Corp

Vestal’s BIM team performed 3D Imagining of an existing distillery fermentation process in preparation for major production expansion. Services included full 360 deg. scans and model development to support distillery expansion that included adding Mash and Fermentation Tanks into a very area restricted process floor. The Vestal BIM team used a Leica BLK360 imaging laser scanner and Autodesk ReCap Pro for collecting and processing the data. The ReCap Pro processes used formatted the BLK360 imagery and scans to allow the client to view data points, take measurements, annotate and collaborate into the application in real time.