Vestal Corporation, 2002-2012
Celebrating 10 Years



 (St. Louis) October 2012


Richard Vestal, Founder and President of Vestal Corporation, recently shared the following observations about the Company’s tenth anniversary.

“Of course we are happy that the Company reached this milestone; however, we are pragmatic enough to know that everyone eleven years and older has had a tenth birthday.

Just like most of us would do, I goggled “10th anniversary” because I didn’t recall the traditional gift-color. Turns out it is silver; not just any silver however, this one is tin or aluminum. If you are interested, the stone is sapphire (ok) and the flower is daffodil (weird). All of this stuff seems strange to some of us engineering types; we just chalk it up to the marketing types.

What this past decade of the Company means to me is that I consider the first ten years at Vestal Corporation a success, am content, and look forward to the opportunity to work as long as God allows in this firm.

What is significant and meaningful about the experience the past decade:

• Relationships we have grown from and enjoyed, the mutual respect we have felt, and the smiles and    laughs we have shared.

• Introducing more of our current Team to the international AEC experience working several large    industrial projects in Mexico.

• The overwhelming personal satisfaction of our Team from accomplishing the challenges for our Clients    working on their projects.

• Families of our Team have been sustained.

• Foundation that has been laid for the Company to take advantage of future opportunities.

• What we have learned about ourselves and our appreciation for others living at the point-of-the-spear    during these increasingly globally competitive times.

• The fun we have had playing with the most sophisticated technical toys in the industry to produce our    work.

The bottom line is that we are very thankful to all of the Employees that have contributed a significant part of their life, family and souls to the Company and to the Clients that have entrusted the Vestal Corporation with their most important projects.”